Tailored solutions for the evolving workspace.

We are all looking forward to the day when things “go back to normal.” The reality is, many areas of life will be impacted far beyond lockdown. Businesses are eager to regain productivity and effectively reengage talent, but no one wants to compromise the health and safety of their workforce. Employees want to know that their workspace will be safe and comfortable. As a result, HAT Contract and SiS Ergo are reimagining the workplace.


Safe Spaces is a customized collection of workspace solutions designed to ease the transition to the evolving workspace. Whether staff is returning to the office or working from home, our tailored products enable a healthier, better connected, and more productive work experience.




Safe Spaces is split into two distinctive offerings: Office + Home. Product brochures are available for download below. These communications will give you everything you need to share our curated collections with your customers.