open office with hat rack configurations

What is the adjustment range of the base?

Generally, the more range the better. The standard height of typical desk is 29”. Adjustable tables typically adjust at least 17 inches, from a low of 25” or so to at least a height of 42”. You may have several height preferences.

  • Our Hi HAT Base has an adjustability range of 23.75”-49”.
  • Our Mid HAT Base adjusts from 27.25″-46.75” which is plenty of range for most projects and applications.
  • Our L Unit HAT Base for “L” configurations adjusts from 23.75”-49”
  • Our Conference Table Base adjusts from 27.25″-46.75″

What size do I need?

The size of the base you need is determined by the size of the work surface that will be placed on top of the base. HAT bases will accommodate virtually any application and work surface, whether the requirement is rectangles, corners, 120s or L units.

HAT offers a large and a small expandable frame in both the Hi HAT and Mid HAT models.

What is the load capacity?

Your table may go up and down several times a day depending upon how much position variation you like. And each time it does, those motors are managing a load (weight) of whatever is on that work surface as well as the weight of the work surface itself . So, you want strong, fast and reliable motors doing the lifting.

Each HIHAT leg has it’s own motor and they are fast and quiet (view spec sheet).

  • For our Hi HAT standard rectangles, corner units and 120s (two leg HAT versions) the weight capacity is 300lbs.
  • For our L Units (3 legs), the weight capacity is 350lbs.
  • Our Mid HATs have a load capacity of 300lbs.
  • Our Conference Table Bases have a load capacity of 350lbs.

Does it include a position preset control panel?

All HAT bases come with a programmable handset as a standard feature. Up to 4 positions.

How long is the product covered by warranty?

Electric height adjustable tables are powered by motors. Anytime there’s a motor and a moving part, there’s a greater possibility that something will go wrong. You want a good warranty to go along with your new table.

HAT Contract offers a Lifetime warranty on the mechanical parts of the product and a 7 year warranty on the motors and electric elements. This is one of the best warranties you’ll find in the industry and underscores the confidence we have in the quality of our product.

Does the base include the anti-collision safety feature?

Yes. It’s also sometime called anti-pinch. When the table base encounters resistance (something is blocking the movement of the base), the anti collision mechanism kicks in and halts the movement of the table.

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