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We sit too much. In cars, on buses, on planes; at the kitchen table, while we watch TV or read a book. But mostly, we sit too much at the office. While we work. Although the human body was primarily designed to stand, walk and run, there we are every day…sitting.

What’s so bad about sitting?

Well, when we sit our bodies behave differently. When you’re seated your muscles’ electrical activity drops, which in turn causes a multitude of harmful metabolic effects (if we sit too much). Your body’s calorie-burning mechanisms plunge and the insulin efficiency drops, increasing the risk of diabetes. Obesity can also become a concern because enzymes that break down lipids and triglycerides, those main constituents of natural fats and oils, also drop and high concentrations of those in the blood often indicate an elevated risk of stroke.

In contrast, standing at your desk, even for only portions of your regular work day, pays health dividends. Standing allows your body to adjust and move easily while flexing your muscles continuously. It also keeps your blood circulating more efficiently. All this keeps your blood sugar better regulated and keeps your blood pressure lower. You will burn more calories and improve core strength. While you work!

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Some people prefer to sit all day and some prefer to stand.

If your preference is to have the option to sit or stand, whenever you want, you should consider an electric height adjustable table. Up to now, electric height adjustable desks and tables have been too expensive for many budgets. But now there is a high quality, contract grade, alternative at an affordable price.

HAT Contract, based in San Jose, California, was started to fill that unmet market need. HAT is an in-stock program with a 3 day lead time. Our desk/table bases can be modified to satisfy virtually all dimensional configurations (if you have an unconventional configuration we’ll help you find the HAT solution).