HAT Base Specifications

height adjustable table frame mid-hatHAT Contract tables have a steel frame construction and are strong and durable. They offer a 300 lb load capacity and carry a 7 year warranty on electrical and mechanical components and lifetime on the frame.

HAT Contract tables are powered by dual motors (three for our L shaped bases). They are housed within each leg and are synchronized so that the table adjusts smoothly and accurately every time. HAT motors are quiet and fast. Our motors carry a 5 year warranty.

HIHAT bases adjust from 23.75” to 49” which provides maximum range of adjustment and meets BIFMA requirements. Our MIDHAT frames adjust from 27″ to 46.75”

View electrical specifications below, or download PDF here.

Specification Details:

Supply Voltage US:90-127V 50-60Hz
Nominal voltage US:120V/60Hz
Standby Power,primary(typical)
Operating voltage for internal and external electronics and Hall sensors 5VDC +/- 10% 250mA
Power Draw 2 Leg Base
200 Watts potential use load
Max 5 AMPs at 120 Volts
130 – 160 Watts actual with load
3 Leg Base
360 Watts potential use load
Max 5 AMPs at 120 Volts
210-250 Watts actual with load
Motor Draw Current Max 5 amp
Ambient temperature 5°C – 40°C
Relative humidity(for operation) 5-85%
Protection Class (with earth terminal) I
Storage and transport temperature -40°C – 80°C
IP class IP 20
Number of actuator outputs 1-4 outputs
Output Voltage (VAC) 31
Input Voltage (VAC) 110
Transformer power(Watts) 200
Power Plug Option
Color Black
Duty cycle 10%, Max 2 min. continuous use
Overload protection For all channels, single-extra protected
Fuse Can be changed from outer side
Cable length 3.1 M
IP Grade IP20
Ambient temperature +5°C to +40°C
Standard UL60601-1/CE
Other Features Stroke length, Retracted length, speed … can be adjusted